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From the concept to the final design some changes were made. The final decisions can be seen in this description. 

For the style of the final design, we did not base the look on the style-collages. This is because the main goal is to make the grabber ergonomic and as light as possible for Pim. Pim made clear that he does not prioritise the design but rather the functionality of the product. Therefore, the product is designed through a practical lens. Coincidentally, Pim preferred the product to be minimalistic which worked out in the end. 

InvalidName_Camera_SOLIDWORKS Viewport (1).jpg



   The prototype is realised by making all the parts in SolidWorks and 3D-printing them. Carbon-fiber tubes are used to make the prototype as light as possible. Furthermore, by using 3D-printing the shape represents our final design. However, the weight of the prototype is higher than the final product. The colour, finish and material are not very accurate. 

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